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Past Virtual Coffee Chats


Disclose or Not Disclose

This very special coffee chat discussion was led by Rebecca Beam, Founder and CEO of Zavikon about disclosures in the workplace. She's a veteran of the technology sector and is an #ActuallyAutistic senior leader that's passionate about opening doors to all individuals with disabilities. There's no presentation for this special Virtual Coffee Chat


Masking and Unmasking

We concluded the empathy series by covering masking and unmasking as the last Virtual Coffee Chat for 2022 followed by great discussion.


Empaths and Hyper-empathy

Part 3 of our empathy series, we did a deep dive about Empaths and a bit about Hyper-empathy followed by a great discussion.


Deep Dive into Alexithymia

Part 2 of our Empathy series/theme we did a deep dive into Alexithymia with great discussion aftewards.


Empathy and Double Empathy

We kicked off the Empathy theme with Empathy vs Double Empathy. Presentation goes into different types of Empathy, and about the Double Empathy Problem that was followed by a great discussion.


Being LGBTQIA+ and Autistic

In celebrating gay pride month, we did a presentation about the overlap between being LGBTQIA+ and being autistic with breakdown of the percentage of autistic individuals that identify as transgender. There was a great discussion afterward


Mental Health Month

For Mental Health Month, we wanted to give everyone an overview of the history behind Mental Health Month, and more about mental health in Autistic Adults. The last page provides references


Processing Autism Acceptance Month

For Autism Acceptance month for this year, we decided not to do a presentation and have discussion about managing the most busiest month of the year.


Sensory Issues in the Workplace and Beyond

This presentation introduces everyone to what are sensory systems, sensory hypersensitivity in adults, sensory processing disorder, and much more based on desktop research that was followed by great discussion in how sensory issues affect our daily life at work. 


Avoiding Small Business Burnout: Insights and Strategies

We had a special guest, Parisa that talked about how she learned how to avoid burnout as a small business owner. She gave tips on insights and strategies that she's learned.


Relationships at Work

This presentation introduces us to Dunbar Number or what we refer as the "Relationship Circle". Presentation shows how we can take some of those principles and map relationships we have at work based as "circles". This covers the six fundamental types of (Pillars) of relationships based on this model.

Other models were brought up during discussion but wasn't recorded or documented. 


Special Interests

The presentation details about perceptions about special interests (mostly from neurotypicals), with some definitions of what a hobby, interest and activities. There was a great discussion about this topic afterwards

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