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More About Us

Autistic Women's Alliance at a Glance

Autistic Women's Alliance is the brainchild of Carrie Hall. When Involved with SWAN (SAP Women's Autistic Network) at SAP, Carrie saw a need for peer mentoring from an autistic perspective.

Since working as a peer mentor, Carrie saw a need for an autistic led group for women. She polled individuals within the autistic community for interest, ideas, and core team members, and thus the Autistic Women's Alliance was born.

AWA is simply a non-male autistic space. We accept anyone that identifies as female (trans/cisgender) or nonbinary and autistic (including self-diagnosed). The goal of AWA is to create a space for professional autistic women to network, gain career skills, and socialize. We want to nurture a space that includes high level seasoned professionals, college students starting to think about their first job, people that may never have held a job, and people that work non-traditional jobs or are entrepreneurs.

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