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Panel Event Postponed

We are postponing our Coming Out Day Autistic LGBTQIA + Panel event on October 11 until further notice. We have postponed this panel because of meaningful feedback from our community about the lack of autistic BIPoC diversity on the panel. We are sorry for the harm we caused by not better representing diversity of racial identity and skin color on the panel. Tickets and donations are now being refunded.

This has been an educational moment for the Autistic Women’s Alliance. We acknowledge that we need to put more effort into proactively counteracting systemic racism and colorism while organizing events, and in all our work. We have taken this moment to hire two autistic BIPOC consultants to help us improve our internal systems and culture around event organizing, communications, and leadership decisions. We believe this will help ensure our ongoing commitment to both racial and disability justice.

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback. We appreciate your dedication to challenging us to improve our organization. Please stay tuned for updates as we work to reorganize and reschedule this panel.

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