We are Autistic women connecting with and helping other autistic women in the professional space.

Autistic Women's Alliance is an autistic run organization that encourages autistic individuals from all marginalized genders to think about, craft, embrace, and express their self-defined individuality within and beyond the workplace. We provide safe space for autistic individuals from all marginalized genders.

Autistic Women's Alliance aids autistic individuals from all marginalized genders to thrive in current or new careers through different ways that include peer mentoring, education, and community outreach. Our members may or may not be employed full time, or formally diagnosed. We encourage individuals from marginalized genders that identify as autistic or as being neurodiverse to participate

“For autistic individuals to succeed in this world, they need to find their strengths and the people that will help them get to their hopes and dreams. In order to do so, ability to make and keep friends is a must. Amongst those friends, there must be mentors to show them the way. A supportive environment where they can learn from their mistakes is what we as a society needs to create for them,”

Bill Wong, Autistic Occupational Therapist

A pallet with several colors of paint.