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Future Offerings

Tomorrow's Goals

Our Current Journey

We are currently in the process of filing for our 501(c3) non-profit status, are still a young organization with very little budget and several great volunteers that are passionate about helping autistic women gain and thrive in the workplace. 


We've found that our Virtual Coffee Chats have been the most popular offering right now. Since Covid-19, we can't offer in person meetups.  We're looking to reboot our Virtual Coffee Chats, one evening during the week and one weekend ate least once a month.

Our Board of Directors meet virtually usually on the second or third Saturday or Sunday of every month. We are looking for volunteers that are interested in developing, maintaining, and executing communication with our members, with autistic organizations, other non-profits, and eventually employers. Stay tuned, we plan to post volunteer positions on LinkedIn and Facebook soon.

We do have plans to expand into hosting special guest speakers, webinars, and experts within the autistic community to share their knowledge on managing the professional world. 

Plans for Days Ahead


These days, unfortunately, key words matter in resumes. Being autistic often means we word things literally and in a straight-forward way. This service will help AWA job seekers write their resumes to maximize potential!


Whether you're entering the job market for the first time, changing careers, or just looking for another job in the same field, finding the right fit is hard. This service will help AWA members find their best job fit, and partner with companies supporting neurodiversity hiring initiatives.


Interviews are hard for everyone, but autism adds an additional layer of difficulty is the biggest discriminatory factor in the job search process. We will provide opportunities for mock interviews, focusing on commonly asked questions, body language, and preparing for each interview based on the job description.

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